Paper Dolls Presents: Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Separated

So, you can call me PJ, the name just fits me better. These pictures really can't capture the beauty that makes me the female I am. Such a BIG personality in one still shot does me no good. I decided to put myself on sites such as this because it's obvious I can't do things how I want to so what better way than the Internet. I'm so much more than a pretty fae and slim waist, but for you to find that out Ima need you to pick up ya pen and put it to some paper. Even though I'm locked up we can do BIG things. I just need the right type of person to match my energy, match my mentality. If you a BOSS and you runnin things, then you already half way there. Show me what you about. You gotta walk it like you talk it.

I can make you feign for this!

You can write to me at:

Patricia Wilson #30758076
FCI Aliceville
PO Box 4000
Aliceville, AL 35442