Paper Dolls
Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be on Paper Dolls?
Paper Dolls is for women only. They must be in federal or state prison - no county jails (except when inmates are kept in county institutions due to overcrowding in state facilities), mental health facilities, or civil confinement facilities.

I know someone who wants to be removed from the Paper Dolls website. How can I do that?
She has to write to us herself directly from her prison address or through JPay/Corrlinks to request that her page be removed. We will remove her page and all photos the day we receive her request, as long as there is no fraud notice on the page. For an electronic request, our email address is Our mailing address is:

Paper Dolls
P.O. Box 218
Oregon, WI 53575

What services do you offer and how much do they cost?
Prices (all prices are in U.S. dollars)
Process application for basic page, includes up to 3 photos $11.00
Additional photos - each (with original application ONLY) $1.00
Mail copy of page to inmate (with payment for original application or revision ONLY) $1.00
Email notification when profile is put online (with payment for original application or revision ONLY) $1.00
Electronic messaging/email - per month $5.50
Electronic messaging/email - per year $52.00
Daily Dozen - per 2 months $5.50
Daily Dozen - per year $26.00
Page view tracking (report on the dates and times her page is visited) - per month $5.50
Page view tracking (report on the dates and times her page is visited) - per year $52.00
Page revision (changes sent after original application has been processed) - profile change and one photo, or 2 photos and no profile change $6.00
Page revision additional photos - each (must be in addition to regular page revision) $1.00
Paper Dolls website tech support personal assistance with Instructions, Terms, and Conditions
(single issue, must be paid in advance of assistance)

Why don't I see a page for someone I sent an application in for and paid for, or a revision for profile or photos I paid for?
It may take up to 14 days for an application or revisions to be processed after full payment is made, depending on the work load. As well, Paper Dolls is for women only. They must be in federal or state prison - no county jails (except when inmates are kept in county institutions due to overcrowding in state facilities).

If you did not pay for email notification when a profile is put online, you will need to search for the page yourself. We recommend searching on the page for the state your friend/family member is in. Payment for notification MUST be included with the original application fee.

I can't find the page of the person I paid for. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!
As the online application states, we do not provide refunds. If an application has already been processed and a chargeback is made through Paypal, a fraud notice will be placed on the Paper Dolls page for the account the chargeback was made. After a chargeback is made, the fraud notice will only be removed if cash or a money order is sent to our mailing address.

If an application for someone in a county jail is paid for, we will apply those funds to processing a Paper Dolls application when they are located in a state or federal prison.

Why doesn't an inmate who you received photos for have them on their page?
We do not post photos older than 3 years that we can find information to verify their age. We also no longer post photos where someone's face is cut off or has parts that are not showing. We do not use photos that are distorted by photo service filters (like Instagram). We also cannot legally use photos from professional studios that have the studio or photographer name on them. We want our website visitors to see current photos of what the women really look like so they can choose who to write to based on honest and complete information.

What are the requirements for photos?
Photos may be sent to us through email at, or by mailing physical copies of the photo(s) to the address at the top of our Printable Application. PHOTOS MUST BE LESS THAN 3 YEARS OLD. IF YOU PROVIDE PHOTOS THAT ARE OLDER, THEY WILL NOT BE USED.
Maximum of 3 photos with the basic application, 2 photos as a revision (1 photo if there is a bio revision). Additional photos are $1 each. Photos sent after the application/revision is processed are a revision.
Photos submitted more than a week after the original application/revision are considered additional photo revisions and will require payment as a revision.
Sexual photos, glamour shots, and bikini photos will not be used. Photos with the person's head and/or face cut off/covered or Snapchat filters that distort or add false features will not be used. We cannot use photos that are copyrighted. We will display photos from prison first.

How do I pay for electronic messaging, Daily Dozen, or get someone on the Paper Dolls website?
We have an online application with instructions and a payment chart for electronic payment, and a payment chart listed above on this page. There is also a printable application if you want to apply through the mail. Payments through Paypal should be made to

How often is someone with a Daily Dozen subscription shown on the featured listing page?
The Daily Dozen page displays a scrolling random selection of all the women who have active Daily Dozen subscriptions, 12 at a time. We cannot tell when someone will be displayed.

How do I email an inmate?
There are several different inmate email systems that prisons can use, so if she doesn't indicate on her profile which one her institution is affiliated with, you need to contact the inmate you want to email to find out which one she has access to.

How do I find out the rules and restrictions on what I can send an inmate or how I must write to her?
Write to the woman at the institution and ask her what the institutional rules are about whatever it is that you want to send in. You may also find some of the information on the website for the state prison system where she resides.

How do I update someone's information/profile/photo on their Paper Dolls page?
Address updates are free, and should be sent to
Page and profile revisions should be sent to or mailed to the address on the printable application. Payment information on profile and photo updates is on the online application page if you want to submit payment electronically. If you want to send the payment in through the mail, payment information is on the printable application.

How long will someone's Paper Dolls page remain on the website?
Pages will generally remain on the website until the month prior to the outdate provided. However, if we do not receive any profile or photo updates within 3 years of the original application or last update, the page will be removed. This is to avoid having pages on the website where someone has been released and forgotten to notify us or has died.