Paper Dolls Presents: Misty Weed

Misty Weed

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Vital Statistics

Hi, my name is Misty and I am 39 years old. I am country and love the outdoors. I also absolutely love to cook.

I am looking for a friendship, possibly more. I take life as it comes. I honestly don't really know what I should write.

I am brutally honest. Some people don't know how to take that. Communication is the key, that is the most important thing in any type of relationship. That in itself leads to what should happen: trust, honesty, and openness.

I look forward to meeting and hearing from you soon.

Also, my facility does not accept paper mail any more. You can write to me at the address below and you can also add me on JPay to be able to email me. If I don't respond promptly it is because they are switching our systems over. Please include a prepaid reply.

You can write to me at:

Misty Weed G14060
P.O. Box 23608
Tampa, FL 33623