Paper Dolls Presents: Elizabeth Lee Lawson

Elizabeth Lee Lawson

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Divorced

Hi, my name is Beth and I am interested in making new friendships. I am using my time of incarceration to become a better person. I have respect for myself as well as others. I am wanting to make a fresh start outside these walls and I would like to have positive healthy relationships. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and I have a passion for helping people feel better about themselves. I love art, history, and travelling. I also have a desire to open a ministry for incarcerated women and their children once I get home. I have been very productive with my time and I am currently earning a bachelors in Christian Ministry. I would like to have someone to share this journey with me in hopes that we could encourage and lift one another up. you can write me at the address provided or email on the JPay app or at

You can write to me at:

Elizabeth Lee Lawson 1002710332
Whitworth Women's Facility
P.O. Box 769
414 Valley Hart Road
Hartwell, GA 30643