Paper Dolls Presents: Tiffany McMullen

Tiffany McMullen

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:Adopted out, no longer have contact
Projected Outdate:11-8-22

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to view my page. I'm 32, single and hoping to meet someone to help this lonely feeling in my heart go away. Due to my incarceration, I've lost everything, including friends and family. I would really love to meet someone who is willing to look past my present circumstances and not judge me by the poor choices I've made in my past. I'm fun, loving and can offer the world to the right person if only give the chance. I stay fit by exercising every day. I'm enrolled in college courses and participate in several self-help courses to better myself upon my release. I no longer have ties to anyone in the 'free world' and would love to build a relationship that would continue outside of these walls. Well, I have so much more to say and would love to share it with you! I hope to hear from you soon! Take care!

You can write to me at:

Tiffany McMullen
WF-4922 MA-8up
16756 Chino-Corona Rd.
Corona, CA 92880