Paper Dolls
in Kentucky

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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Hi my name is Tracy. I am sweet, sassy, and full of charisma. I have the type of personality that will keep you smiling and leave you wanting more. 

Dear Mr. Right,

My name is Paula, I'm very outgoing and fun. I'm kind and considerate. I like to sing and read. Love the outdoors. I love family. Hope to someday be a wife and a mom. Looking for someone to talk to during this time. Also hopefully a long lasting relationship.

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Tall and Thick!

When you first meet me you might find me dark and mysterious, yet a little sultry. I'm loyal to a fault and when it comes to family and friends, the overprotective side of me comes out. I'm very passionate and fearless. I'm driven and determined. I never lose.

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My name is Brandi. As you can see, my hair is rainbow colored. I have always said my personality is expressed through my hair and the way I dress. I am a unique, down to earth woman, some would call me an old soul.

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I'm a beautiful piece of broken pottery put back together by my own hands. Ambitious, loving, even a little bratty at times, (who's not?) and loyal to a fault. Music helps me get away from this harsh reality in this cold world we live in today.

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Hey, guys and gals! My name is Donna and I am in search of a good hearted, loving person to correspond with and get to know, hopefully see if things can lead to something down the road. I'm fun and outgoing woman.

Most would say that I bring light into the darkness. My positive attitude and sense of humor seem to brighten even the absolute darkest of moods. I rock to the beat of my own drum. Never one following the hottest trends, I am more of a trendsetter (at least I must say). 
Hello everyone out there! My name is Anna Rose. I'm 34 years young. Born and raised in Illinois. I'm a mother to four beautiful children. I'm a very kind and loving woman who loves the great outdoors, especially the ocean beach. I love to laugh.

Very outgoing, trying to better my life, stay healthy. I'm open minded. I have a big heart, always willing to help others and I'm big on respect. Trying to do my time and have something to look foward to. 

Greetings From Kentucky

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Hi, my name is Marisa and I am looking for a person who can understand my situation and has nice conversation about any topic, someone who can complement me, and that can be a long time friend forever while building a bond. 
Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am a sweet, small town lady born and raised in Kentucky that enjoys the little things in life. I like spending hot summer days out on the lake, grilling out and fishing.

Hello, my name is Martha, you can call me MJ. I am 27 years young, wild, and detained. 
I'm a country girl who loves to fish, camp, and go four wheeling. I have lots of tattoos and a few piercings as well. I am a huge music fan, mostly rock and some country. Here I can receive messages, pics, and short videos through JPay services.

Aye, so they call me Glo, not just cause I shine but I'm promised to keep your smile glowing. If I was a clothing band, I'd be Young & Restless, live for today looking at life as a lesson learned. I strive for my set goals letting nothing keep me down. 
Hello! My name is Orathay, but my friends call me Thai. I was born in Thailand. I have been in the United States since I was 4 years old. I understand a lot of different cultures and I speak 4 different languages fluently. I'm the only girl out of 10 children.

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A Bit-O-Honey

Hi, my name is Brandace, but most people call me Bran. I'm 33 years old and I'm from Owensboro, KY. When I'm at home, I've worked as a licensed hairdresser for 13 years. I'm energetic and love to have fun.

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