Paper Dolls
in Illinois

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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Single, looking for friends to talk to. I like people that like to vent, very gentle to talk to. My goal is to continue to study to be a therapist. I like to write poems and shop, and most of all I like to travel. 
Hello, everyone. I'm 42 and my zodiac sign, which means I'm outgoing, confident, fun, and friendly. I'm a pretty social person and once someone has a friend in me they have a friend for life. I'm a good talker and a good listener.

If you are reading this, hi. Smiley Face  My name is Belinda, but friends call me Belia. I am 33. My zodiac sign is Aries. I'm from the Rockford area but I am okay with traveling to a new area after my sentence. 
Hey! My name is Keila. I am fun, outgoing, and energetic. Great personality. I love to laugh. I'm looking for good conversation, woman or man.


Beautiful Country Girl

I'm a nonjudgmental, vibrant and outgoing woman. I'm also very brutally honest and loyal. I enjoy traveling, reading a good book, trying exotic foods, writing music, watching movies, and spending time with friends and/or family. I was born in Chicago, Illinois.

I'm an open minded lady who's always eager to learn and do whatever it takes to become a better person. I believe in doing the right thing for the right reason because karma is real. I'm very versatile and diverse. I love writing music, and sports. 
I'm from Chicago, Illinois. I love partying. My favorite colors are red and purple. I love sports as well. Mainly basketball. I'm into music and drawing. It speeds up my time. I enjoy traveling. Las Vegas was my favorite spot. Exercising is another one of my hobbies.

Hello, how are you? My name is Keyanna Simpson. I'm 37 years young, very spontaneous, adventurous, peaceful, and beautiful. Full-figured bi-racial city girl with a down-south country upbringing. I'm full of of loyalty and fun. I'm a single woman by choice. 
Hello! I'm Tiffany, but everyone calls me Glamour. I'm 35. Glad you found me! Independent, witty, weird, and charming fits me to a T. Marilyn Monroe is my idol. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, and trying new things. I love football.

Hello, my name is Kisha Roberson. I am 38 yeasre old. My sign is Taurus. I am determined, persistent, and strong-willed. I'm the person others can count on. I have endless patience. I am gentle, caring, giving, and affectionate. I am a deeply loyal friend. 
My name is Nikuya but my friends call me Kiya. I have 3 beautiful kids. I love to cook and shop and eat good food. I'm what you would call a foodie. I would love to have a show where I travel and eat different places. I love DIY projects and learning new things.

Hey, my name is Johnayia and I'm 24 years old. I am a strong, positive, outgoing woman looking for positive support systems. I enjoy the run things in life such as: traveling, cooking, dancing, and experiencing new things. I can say I'm quite the risk taker. 
I like to dance, exercise, doing artwork, having conversations. I love to clean but am not OCD. I am a hard worker and LOVE playing soccer and kick boxing. I am not ghetto but am a strong woman

Hi, my name is Camille and I'm looking for a friendship and if it leads to something else then I am open to that, as well. I like to cook, clean, take care of my son and family., read, listen to music, and prepare myself for a better future for my son and family. 
What's up, world! My name is Sarah. I'm 28 years old with an outgoing, bubbly personality. I enjoy traveling, working out, outdoor activities, and spending family time.

I hope that all the people that read this page is looking for a woman who knows her self-worth, someone who loves themselves and knows how to love someone else. I come from very humble beginnings. I have blossomed into a beautiful Nubian Queen. 
Hi, my name is Breezy. Yes, it is my actual name. I'm from Collinsville, IL (about 10 minutes from St. Louis). I am 36 years old. I have 2 children. I love to draw, play sports, and dance. I am an open book.

Hey, how are you? I'm ok. But I'll be a lot better if I can get to know you. I'm very fun to hang out with and be around. I'm a good person. I love to laugh, party and have lots of fun. I'm very loyal. I'm looking for a friend, then you never know where things may go. 
Hi, my name is Megan. I am going to school for cosmetology and I am also enrolled with Blackstone to obtain my paralegal certificate. I love spending time with family. I love being outdoors.

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