Paper Dolls
in Iowa

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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Looking for a penpal or something more. I am not just your average girl next door type. I have a fun and bubbly personality. A free spirit kind of girl. Love the outdoors, but enjoy the extracurricular activities indoors. I am very energetic, but also a romantic. 
I am a sweet, charming, midwestern girl who likes to have fun. I have had some bad luck with guys in the past and the decisions that I made to get me here are just as bad. I feel everyone makes mistakes, it's how you come out on the other side is what really matters.

I'm Emily, 32 years old. I'm loving and loyal. I always see the cup as half full. I'm bright and positive! My smile is big! I have a big heart! I'm funny and love laughing. I'm one of a kind! Hard to forget! Looking for friends and maybe more. 
About me: Born in Murrieta, California to Springfield, Missouri, to Des Moines, Iowa. I'm a down to earth, laidback, spontaneous kind of girl from a farm to the city. Definitely not afraid to get dirty. I can also be girly - a little bit of both.

I like to be called by my nickname, Joy. I am a fun loving laidback person, all about laughter. I enjoy writing and traveling. Time with me will never get boring. I'm so full of ways to keep a smile on your face. 
Hi, my name is Heather and I am 30 from Iowa. I am a fun, outgoing woman who loves to try new things and always excited to learn and grow. I enjoy the outdoors and have a soft spot for animals.

I'm a fun person. I'd like to meet some new friends and maybe more. I get out shortly. Hopefully you like what you see enough to contact me. You won't be disappointed. 
Hey! I'm Ashley. I like to read, work out, love the Eagles. My mandatory is up on September 10, 2020, but I'm not eligible for release until October 21, 2020, because I'm taking a class here. The class is required for release and supposed to cure thinking errors.

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Well, hi there! My hopes for this website is to find some friends or maybe something more. I'm a friendly person who has a big heart and I'm looking for some positive people to have in my life.

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Outgoing, love to have fun and enjoy life! Honesty is my policy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I believe in treating others how you want to be treated.

Hey ladies and gentlemen. I'm fun, flirty and looking for love. I'm an Italian/White single female. I enjoy cooking, taking walks, and working out. I love to watch movies and garden. I'm very open minded and caring. I'm very organized and clean. 
My name is Ariel. I'm 24 years old. I love long conversations and friends. Plus, I like crafts and writing. I've made some mistakes in my life but I can't let that define me because I am learning from them and trying to turn my life around.

Love to be outdoors! Very outgoing, fun loving and loyal. Looking for someone to write and visit me. Shoot me a message on Corrlinks. Hope to hear from you soon! 
I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well. Although I have made some mistakes in my past, I refuse to allow them to define who I'm choosing to become in the future.

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I'm classy but sassy. I love the finer things in life, such as vacations in the islands, sailing, dressing on point and of course gifts. If you are a classy guy and you want to treat a lady right, then I'm your diamond in the rough and like a diamond, I'm forever! 
Born and raised, small-town Iowa, have been a single mom to a wonderful son. Father was never in the picture. My mother takes care of him now. Graduated high school, started community college , got pregnant, had to quit school gets a job, eventually turned to meth.

I love people of all types. I'm still looking for someone real, you ain't got to be perfect, just yourself. 
Hi! I am a very beautiful biracial woman with a great personality looking for a man I could possibly have a future with. I am a Taurus, so sometimes I can be hard headed and stubborn. I enjoy going fishing, camping, and love outdoor activities like volleyball, softball.

Hello! I'm fun, young, educated, and beautiful, or so I've been told. I may have a rocky past, but my future looks smooth. I'm looking to make some new friends and some genuine connections. And I haven't crossed love off my list either. 
They call me Casey. I love to laugh and joke. Witty people are so much fun! Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do, and I enjoy just being outside. I read a lot of books. I cannot live without music. I enjoy sports.

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