Paper Dolls
in Florida

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Simone. Chances are you have read hundred ads before reading mine but I hope you take the time out to read my letter with a open mind/heart.

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I am a very fun loving, passionate Jamaican-American female from Jacksonville, Florida. I love to dance and to help others gain confidence in their own dancing abilities. I have a son from a previous marriage who is the center of my universe.

Behind hazel eyes... you'll find a young woman that is broken yet resilient, failed yet determined, and regretful yet changing. I'm seeking a companion. Someone to journey through life with me, hand in hand. Contact me via email on here, through JPay.

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Hello! My name is Bethany and I am 22 years old. I am very fun and outgoing. I am looking for someone to talk with. I have a few years remaining, feel free to write me or send a message on JPay.

Hi my name is Zora. I am 27 years old and am looking for a man or woman to help keep my mind occupied while I wait out my time. I am very open minded, non-judgemental, seeking an open minded, non-judgemental adult penpal. 
My name is Sylvia but my friends call me Renee. I am currently serving 4 years for driving on suspended license. (Yea, crazy, right??) I am a very intelligent, high spirited, funny, and easy to love woman.

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Hello, I'm Shawntorria Alford, 29 years old. I'm 5'4", 190 pounds. I am very open minded, non-judgemental, seeking open minded, non-judgemental adult males. I'm in Lowell Correction Institution. I don't have much time left. Please don't hesitate to write me. 
Hi, my name is Melissa and I am 44 years old. I am 5'2" and 130 lbs. I am a big hopeless romantic but I'm also loyal, honest, and always laughing and smiling with a great sense of humor and an energetic look on life.

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Hello there... my name is Jaime. I'm 34 years old. Well, I have made some mistakes in life. Yes I have, but I truly am looking for better friends and really am looking for someone to settle down with.

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Hey there... my name is Ivette. I'm currently looking for someone to write to and get to know. I am a very outgoing and loving person who is a bit lonely and would love to meet the man of my dreams, or even at least a new great friend.

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Hello full of potential friend and/or more.... You should totally message me after you read all this. 
My name is Danielle and I'm a fun, loving, kind hearted (to a fault) country girl from the city and I'm looking to meet someone. One thing I can promise is you won't regret writing me. Hope to hear from you soon.

I am an open-minded, fun person looking for a man or woman. I am looking for someone who wants to have lots of great new adventures and explore new things. I love just about everything down to rollercoasters and fishing. I am an artist. Let me draw something for you. 
Hey all, I hope to hear from you soon, but for now here is a bit about myself. Born and raised in Georgia, have lived in Florida for a while now, but will always be a Sweet Georgia Peach.

I am an attractive 42 year old woman. I am looking for friendship that could lead to more. I have long strawberry blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a toned physique. I enjoy going out, and I like to stay in as well. 
Hello. My name is Iesha McGaster and I'm very interested in meeting new people. I'm standing 5'8" with an athletic build. I'm a 29 year old that loves to have fun and live life. Pretty brown skin with the eyes to match.

I love to sing, I can dance and write music. I love sports, football, and basketball. I like to read. I am outgoing and down to earth and love having a good time. 
Hello stranger! My name is Ashley. I'm 29 with long reddish brown hair and eyes that naturally change colors. I'm looking for a new friend to write and get to know.

Open-minded, free-spirited Scorpio looking for an adventure with a woman or a man. I love the water, the beach, just being outside, it helps. Music moves me. Wanna dance? It's the simple things I appreciate. Ready? Add me on Jpay. #990848. Snail mail works too. 
Hi, my name is Vanessa. I'm a southern born and NY bred woman who is single and ready to mingle! Holla at you girl!

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