Paper Dolls Presents: Sycou Russell

Sycou Russell

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Vital Statistics

Hello. My name is Sycou Russell, pronounced Sicoya, but everyone calls me CoCo. I'm a very upbeat, happy person, almost always smiling. I love anything that has to do with comedy. I'm always laughing and cracking jokes. I love music, dancing, and spending time with family (I'm very family-oriented) and friends. I'm extremely good at cooking and doing hair. I enjoy reading, working out, going to the movies, bowling, throwing parties and cookouts, and traveling. Like all women, I love shopping and having nice things. I like learning new things so I'll try anything within reason at least once. I'm a talkative, loving, caring, honest, say what's on my mind, loyal person. You would enjoy everything about me. I'm looking for a genuine friend that's down to earth, has a sense of humor, is understanding and honest. I'm here for a while and would like someone outside these walls to converse with.

Well, that about sums it up. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can write to me at:

Sycou Russell 95142
4104 Germantown Pike
Dayton, OH 45417