Paper Dolls Presents: Summer Owens

Summer Owens

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:0
Projected Outdate:1-10-20

My name is Summer. I'm 25. I'm an Aries. My favorite color is purple.. I like to go swimming, fishing, and shopping. I love music and I love to dance! I really just like to have fun. I'm very open minded, outgoing, and adventurous. I love animals. I'm always positive and I love to make people laugh. I'm attracted to intelligence. I like to be around people that I can learn something from. I am looking forward to meeting new people and exploring new personalities. Smiley Face

You can write to me at:

Summer Owens U54272
Lowell Work Camp
11120 NW Gainesville Road
Ocala, FL 34482