Paper Dolls Presents: Siera Burgess

Siera Burgess

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Natural redhead
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:1
Projected Outdate:3-24

At the moment, I am a full-time college student and a full-time worker. The particular personality is defined as bubbly. However, I have been called a spunky firecracker. I love people, a social butterfly so to speak. Maintain a positive mood about 24/7. I stand for what I believe regardless the situation. I wear my heart on my sleeve, though I try not to. Outspoken and down to earth. People tell me I'm sweet, but I beg to differ. I love when others smile, especially when I cause them to. I admit, I am particular about a maturity level of people. Hobbies are basketball, football, and I am skilled in sketching. All music is a passion, although I cannot sing. I get amused by the simple things in life and enjoy an adrenaline rush. Time that others offer is priceless. The goal is to be a woman walking out, not like the girl that walked in. A wonderful person to keep me company at the moment behind bars is a dream. Who's to say what will come?

I am Baptist and graduate a Bible study with the commissioner in November 2019.

You can write to me at:

Siera Burgess
#3614144 D5-B
11264 Ohio River Road
Lakin C.C.
West Columbia, WV 25287