Paper Dolls Presents: Shiloh Quine

Shiloh Quine

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Vital Statistics
# of children:2
Projected Outdate:???

With high hopes from this far away lost island I've landed upon so very many years ago, I hope for our connection and you read my message in a bottle, so we get the opportunity to swim in the depths of our hearts and mind within seeking a friendship with female or male. I love music, guitar, singing, and to compose all styles, being a mentor. I love to walk in hills, lakes, beaches, swimming, horseback riding. Love all animals. I've been incarcerated for a long time, January 14, 1980, for a crime murder I didn't do. But what happened was I was in the car; codefendant did it. Per lawsuit settlement, see That landed me as a castaway upon a female institution island lost at sea from male population. I'm very passionate, very real, a great companion. Letters at first, then if available still, we can email on my JPay tablet and account. I love riding bikes and being fun. Being free within myself and missing the good ones.

You can write to me at:

Shiloh Quine WB1121
P.O. Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508

Until 12-8-21