Paper Dolls Presents: Sarah Cornett

Sarah Cornett

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Vital Statistics
Projected Outdate:8-21-20

My name is Sarah Cornett. I'm at South Boise Women's Correctional Center. I'm athletic. I love the gym and being outside. I'm looking for somebody to get to know. I'm 27, born in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. I stay active, even locked up. I'm outgoing, love a broad sense of humor. I love to laugh, play disc golf, camping, fishing, and I love to sing. I like all sorts of music. I would love to talk with somebody who has the same interests as I do. That's only part of who I am. I will answer any questions if you're interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

You can write to me at:

Sarah Cornett
#106095 Unit 2-20D
P.O. Box 51
Boise, ID 83707

Until 8-21-20