Paper Dolls Presents: Samantha Donohoe

Samantha Donohoe

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Dark brown
Marital Status:Separated
# of children:2

I'm a single mother and I am not too far in on a 10-year sentence. I'm looking for someone to help me get through this time mentally, emotionally, and financially, and for someone who can help me do better in order to be better. I'm looking for someone who can lift me up even when I am down and someone I can be open and honest with without judging me. I'm hoping to build a bond that can't be broken and maybe even something more who knows. I'm not looking for love but I'm not opposed to it either. I'm a free spirit and I'm down to try anything at least once except for food because I'm extrememly picky. LOL I'm a girly girl but I'm down to get dirty too! I'm a Virgo so of course fall is my favorite time of year because I love to chill by the fire, listen to music, and kick it, but mostly I just like to laugh and have fun. If you are interested in getting to know me or making a new friend hit me up on JPay. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.

You can write to me at:

Samantha Donohoe
1479 Collins Ave.
Marysville, OH 43040

Until 9-6-21