Paper Dolls Presents: Rebecca Lynn Beecher

Rebecca Lynn Beecher

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Vital Statistics
Projected Outdate:12-21-19

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be charismatic. I hope when you read this you are intrigued to find out more about me. I love the outdoors! I enjoy camping, fishing, horseback riding and riding snowmobiles. There is something about sitting by a campfire that just soothes my soul. I also love finding dive bars, singing with a band, or doing karaoke. I am fun, outgoing, honest, and I love to laugh. I am a simple country girl who likes to live life to the fullest. I love traveling and experiencing life in all the best ways. If you are interested in talking and want to write postal mail, please include your address on the letter because we don't get the envelopes our mail comes in. The best way to contact me is through I hope to hear from you soon! XOXOXO

You can write to me at:

Rebecca Lynn Beecher 434835
3201 Bemis Rd.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197