Paper Dolls Presents: Quatia Sherrita Martin

Quatia Sherrita Martin

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:1
Projected Outdate:9-11-21


Marine veteran, currently in Veteran Housing. Plan to re-enter to Marine Corps upon release. May come as soon as March 2020! Need good pen-pal with great conversation preferably would prefer emailing and talking on the phone. Love to learn new things. Working on business plan, future restaurateur. Looking for someone who will be as dedicated as I am, as well as bold when need be/reserved when required. Vast taste in music in everything from country, R&B to rap to EDM. Slick country at heart has a thing for white boys Smiley Face  but I think it's mainly where the love exists, friendship or otherwise. Do you show it or not? Because I am one women who cannot be told anythinggggg! I must showed! This could be my best and worst attribute. Smiley Face  Laugh at jokes when they're really not even funny! LOL Kinda corny at times Smiley Face  then again I can crack a funny joke or be equally as corny trying. Smiley Face  I personally think my corny should be considered innocent. Even having seen the things I've seen in war and being where I am now, I still have a pure side that is untainted, is unremarkable and am will leave you craving every bit of my sweet time. Why? Oh, because you know I have that other side too. Smiley Face  That dark side, mystery behind these beautiful brown eyes. I will literally leaves you with a question mark everytime. Pain? Past? Animalistic desire? or Skepticism due to the ones who I've lost and the people who like to waltz in and out of all our everyday lifes (the phonies). Pass me by if you're a passer-byer. But if you are the type to stick around and create a solid foundation for a friendship or maybe even more one day, you owe it to yourself to drop a line! Things work out and you hit it off you'll have someone worth your time and if they don't if you're just not compatible (which would be nearly impossible as much as I've traveled and my knowledge in culture and such) then you can expect me to be thankful for taking your time to reach out. No one understands more than an intelligent woman (yes, woman) who takes their time to do so. Anyway, I ROCK!!!! Should you want brownie points call me Tia because I don't go by Quatia at all. Plus this way I will know you took the time to read about how smart, sweet, ambitious, thoughtful, feisty, funny, strong, beautiful, magnificent, incomparable, too good to be in that place, too freespirited to let this break my spirit friend. Smiley Face

Please email for a quicker response through and or the JPay app for both iPhone and android, and if adventurous and ready to dive right into the phone chat, you may send a phone number. I absolutely would love pictures of your and just of life in free world. No subject off topic. You may add funds for phone time through Securus or when I am able to recieve funds I can fund the calls. Remember though, I'm currently unemployed LOL! I would say I just want some mail and would be thankful for snailmail or "anything would be nice". I really would enjoy someone on the other end of a phone to share my day with though. You can use the info below to contact me.

JPAY: >State of Georgia >Inmate ID: 10005144986 >services: email/ videos/ pictures

Securus Technologies: >Advanceconnect >Sign up

Best Wishes!

You can write to me at:

Quatia Sherrita Martin 1000514986
Emanuel Women's Facility
P.O. Box 218
Swainsboro, GA 30401