Paper Dolls Presents: Priscilla Ramirez

Priscilla Ramirez

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:0

Hello, my name is Priscilla and I am 30 years old. I am a confident and intelligent woman with a great sense of humor. I am currently pursuing my AA as a double major in Business and Sociology. In my spare time I listen to music, exercise, attend some groups or relax.

I thought I would give this penpal thing a try. I am just looking to meet someone who is willing to try something new. Someone who can make me laugh, hold a conversation and stimulate my mind. I'm open so I can talk and listen on any subject. So, if you're interested and this short introduction letter accomplished a good thing by putting a smile on your face, get back to me with a little about yourself, maybe some 21 questions to get the ball rolling. Let's have fun and get to know each other. You might be surprised where this may go. It's not every day you write an inmate (LOL). I look forward to hearing from you.

You can write to me at:

Priscilla Ramirez
WE1864 512-31-1 low
P.O. Box 1508
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508