Paper Dolls Presents: Paula Parkis

Paula Parkis

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Vital Statistics
# of children:5
Projected Outdate:2-2-22

My name is Paula, but I go by PK. I'm 36 years old. Been in Southern Illinois half my life. Mother of 5 beautiful kids. Been married two times. First for 13 years. The second and current, 9 years together, married 6. Unfortunately, prison and drugs has killed those dreams! Looking for friends to talk with. Been long time since I've been on my own so a little nervous. Plans on a fresh start after release, which hopefully is much sooner than February. Getting out of Illinois and getting myself together. Looking for friends to write, talk, and grow with. Talk to you soon, I hope.

You can write to me at:

Paula Parkis Y43713
P.O. Box 3066
Decatur, IL 62524