Paper Dolls

Listed below are the NEWEST 36 Paper Dolls. Click on a picture or name to go to a Paper Doll's personal page. All the Dolls listed here are in all other sections as well.

Paper Dolls applicants from Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Minnesota, and Arkansas have had their information and photos verified online with the state prison inmate data. As other states make this information available, inmates from those states will be checked, too.

If you want to look up one of the Paper Dolls who is in prison to verify their information, you may visit our Prison Links Page for some of the state sites that have that information.

Paper Dolls in Prison
3 dozen Newest and Updated Dolls
Hello! My name is Jessica. I'm 20 years old. I'm a very positive, outgoing female. Life is too short to think negative all the time. I have a great sense of humor and like to make people laugh. I tend to be shy at first until I get to know you. 
I'm reaching out in hopes of finding someone who has things in common with me, someone to share a laugh with, someone to build a good relationship with. I'm a fun, loyal person with a young spirit and a great sense of humor.

I'm a fun loving, big-hearted, country girl with old-fashioned ideas and beliefs. I also possess a natural ability to try new things and think outside the box. I'm loyal, compassionate, empathetic and sensitive. I tend to look for these same qualities in others.

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My name is Angela Detra. I'm 34years old. I'm a single, outgoing female looking for someone that's honest, loving and caring and don't mind a little bit of excitement in their life.

My name is Kierstie and I'm i search of that very special someone to share and build dreams with.... I'm honest, loving, loyal, respectful, and enjoy life to the fullest.... I love sports, the ocean, writing, and laughter is a must in all my relationships....

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Blond Hair, Blue Eyed Goddess in Search of Her One and Only

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Hi There, 
Hello, my name is Crystal. I'm a kind, fun loving person, not to mention very adventurous and love to travel. I would say I look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

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I'm very outspoken, outgoing and I try to live life as if tomorrow isn't promised. I can be real random and silly and love the mess out of my family. 
Imagine laying down on the beach, sand between our toes, enjoying the view of the sun falling below the horizon and the relaxing sound of the tide washing ashore.

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Hey, my name is Jessica Bashaw. I'm 23 years old. I am looking for an older, well-educated man who can offer me a bit of companionship through this hard time. I have long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

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My name is Heather. I am very loyal, loving, down to earth and open minded. I value trust and loyalty. I enjoy camping, traveling, laying out on the grass watching the sunset, writing poems and a big lover when it comes to water.

Young and looking for a strong individual that could teach me new things. I love to learn and still have a lot of fun. I want someone who can keep a conversation, teach me loyalty and keep me smiling. I want to make what's important to you even more important to me.

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Single white female looking for someone to get to know. I love to laugh so a sense of humor is a must. I have many different interests and am open to try anything once. I look forward to hearing from you and the beginning of a new adventure.

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I am very outgoing. I love to go out to the movies or out to eat! I like to live life to the fullest. I have a great sense of humor. 
With a short time to my release, I'm looking for stability and security. I'm adventurous. I'm interested in modeling and furthering my education in psychology. I am also willing to relocate. Interested? Contact me through or mail.

I'm a vivacious half Hispanic "lady." I was born and raised near Seattle, Washington. In 2011, I moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming for job purposes. I'm a very energetic and positive person.

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I am a very ambitious Cuban who loves beautiful women. I'm looking for someone honest and sincere who's headstrong and loving. I have a lot to offer whether it's friendship or more.

I'm just a few months from being released. I'm fun, young, loyal and adventurous. I'm soft spoken and honest and I know what I want. I love to nurture and I want companionship. I'm willing to relocate to start a new life.

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Well, hello-hello to all of you amazing soon-to-be friends or more! Thanks for taking the time to glance my page. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

Hi! Are you in need of a friend? Someone you can depend on, someone encouraging, someone who will make you smile when times are hard? If so, let me introduce myself. My name is Kenyana Walker and I am also looking for a person who is interested in a possible friendship. 
My name is Sophia Louise. I'm at Coffee Creek and I have another prison profile at where email and photos can be shared mutually, webcam and visits.

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Hi, my name is Asha. Here is a brief profile about myself. Know that I am fun, spontaneous and curious. I love to learn new things and you can always expect a letter. I enjoy writing to the fullest. I appreciate the outdoors and every genre of art. 
I would like to meet a man who has goals, is dependable, and that will write me consistently. I'm extremely down to earth, I have a great sense of humor, very active. I love watching sports, the beach, being outdoors.

Hi, I'm Heather! I'm a genuine, compassionate, intelligent, loyal, caring woman who loves to laugh and live life.

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you're looking to meet a charming, fun, loving, energetic, stand up lady, then I might be the girl for you! I'm easy going, down to earth, open minded, stylish, funny, and mysterious. I'm loyal to my friends and love my family.

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I'm a sweet, loving, caring, compassionate woman. I'm open minded and easy going. I'm optimistic, happy, and fun to be around. I've got a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. I love to talk, laugh, and cuddle I'm adventurous and unforgettable.

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My name is Alexandra. I'm 24 years old. I love to laugh and enjoy life. Some activities I enjoy are taking long drives, camping, skiing, star gazing, throwing parties, and having family get togethers. I enjoy writing and a good conversation.

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My name is Heather. I am a fiery, feisty redhead with a lot of spunk. I am very outgoing, free-spirited, and love life. I'm not afraid to try anything. I love animals, nature and the outdoors. I also like a good laugh and have a great personality. 
I'm a very loving woman with a great big heart. I like the rain and long walks on the beach. Laughter is the key to happiness. I love dancing and all types of music. I'm very spontaneous and I like camping, fishing, and the great outdoors.

Hello, thanks for stopping by my site. My intentions are pure. I'm just sitting here and wanting to meet someone to help me through my time. It gets real lonely in a place like this. I am open-minded, nonjudgmental, and easy on the eyes. I'm a great penpal as well.

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I'm fun loving. I look forward to being out so I can travel and do things that I've not been able to. I love to watch movies. I enjoy nights of dinners at home and cuddling up on the couch. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm anxious to get mail. I love to write letters.

They say the treasure lies within; they never met me though because the treasure lies in me and throughout me. I'm a mature, beautiful, outgoing and open minded young woman. I have a big heart with the desire to live a better life. 
I am a single female, a very loyal woman of God, seeking a friend, maybe life partner, a man of God after God's own heart, a man that can love a woman like Christ loves the church, love her enough that she will be his glory.

My name is Christy Patterson Easley. I'm exciting, funny, interesting and love a good conversation and NFL! 
Big ocean blue eyes, very passionate, loving, caring, looking for that special someone to lay out under the stars with, to love me for who I am not for what I have done in my past, and to start over with. I love watching movies.

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