Paper Dolls Presents: Noelle McLaughlin

Noelle McLaughlin

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Long brown
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:10
Projected Outdate:2-22
Race:Irish, German, French, Native

Ahoy! I'm a sweet, exuberant, energetic sailor girl doing time like fine wine, waiting for my ship to come in. Want to be my Captain? I'm a rare breed of woman who hopes to meet her match in a commercial fisherman. I enjoyed 10 years in Alaska and would love to voyage back as your honey bee out at sea or your sea siren on the dock ready to rock! However, don't count yourself out if you are a God-fearing, adventure-seeking, sea, mountain, forest dwelling, earth shaking, merry making, altruistic art creating, herb growing, goody baking, beekeeping, backwoods, moonshining, beer brewing, Harley riding kind of man. Surf, skate, snowboards, and even horses too! I'm 100% rider, set to parole 2/22 in Lincoln County (Newport, OR) though I'm dreaming of some other option, like renting a room at an acceptable address for DOC, which could potentially allow me an early release.

I'm very ambitious with an entrepreneurial driven spirit. I am the proprietress of an awesome multifaceted business which I developed from the ground up. It's an eclectic variety of oddities and curiosities called "The Sailor Girl Mercantile & the Underground Pirate Lounge. I dream of reestablishing my business with a little bit of angel love and business investors' help. Did I mention I dream BIG always! I'm willing to relocate and have lived in every west coast state including Hawaii and Alaska.

Through many forced epiphanies, my organic, wild and free spirit has recalibrated and seeks greater purpose in life, to move on from the long strange trip I've been on this far. I have the innate ability to find beauty in ashes in all my endeavors. So, if you're interested in meeting a well-educated artist with amazing life experience who is fiercely loyal and honest with a Deadhead Hippy Chick and Pinup Style with a punk rock edge, wild, organic and free, that's me! My heart of gold sparkles brightly on my left-handed sleeve as I hail you to come check things out. Oh Yeah! My birth given name is Noelle Katharine Saint Nicholas, est. Christmas Day 1973 with a little bit of Naughty and a whole lot of Nice. Please add email (check spam) and phone number and ICSolutions app for video chat. Thanks for checking me out and have a delightfully sunshiny daydreamy day!

You can write to me at:

Noelle McLaughlin #12338355
24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Until 6-9-21