Paper Dolls Presents: Nicole Crawley

Nicole Crawley

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Long, dark brown
Marital Status:Single
# of children:1
We received the following email about Nicole:

Inmate falls in love after 6 months of communications. Starts calling the writer baby and lover after the first few letters. "hey lover. i had you on my mind and thought i would drop you afew lines b4 i go to bed. ive thought alot about us over the weekend. all good things. im really looking forward to making memories with you. you are my future, and it makes me so happy to share my life with you. i want to know everything about you."

Claims she is not looking for financial support but will say that if she is your girl then you need to provide for her and put money on her books. " if im your girl i want to be treated as so. id like to be able to go to the store once a week even if it was for a little amount. I dont have any money so i never have any stamps to write you and i feel like you dont care about how im doing in here i have to go without coffee for weeks at a time and im always starving in here. thank you for my allowance ;) xoxo im all yours and noone elses if you treat me right and take care of me proper. xoxo."

Inmate cannot be taking college courses because she has no means to pay for them. "they started college classes back up this semester but i didnt have the money this time around, they had sociology and i really wanted to take that. i guess i'll just wait til next time."

We recommend caution if you choose to write to Nicole. If you have any questions about her, contact the administration at the institution where she resides.

Hazel Green Eyes!

Hi, my name is Nicole. I'm a SWF, 28 years old, 125 pounds of femininity. Long, luxurious hair, gorgeous eyes, petite build, and an intoxicating smile. I'm a compassionate, spontaneous, intelligent, good-hearted, and sassy woman in search of a man who is looking to build a foundation. One who is looking for a committed friendship based on honesty and love. One who will see past my current location and can see my heart and not just the consequences of my mistakes. Are you forgiving and nonjudgmental? Can you open your heart to receive a lasting friendship? I'm attracted to a person not for what they have, or their status. Age is not important. I'm a woman who takes pride in catering to my man. I believe a relationship has to be more than 50/50 to truly last... you must give 100%. I realize my location may deter the majority of men looking for a LTR, however it is my sincere hope that the Lord will bless me with someone who is open and ready. I'm ready to share myself with someone special.

I love the outdoors and watching the sunset with someone I care about. I like to cook. Spending time with my family and friends is a must. My hobbies are music, working out, swimming, and motorcycles. I'm taking college classes and doing all I can here to be resourceful with my time. I plan to start a small business in landscape upon release.

I'm a woman with a lot to offer and share. I promise to keep your heart safe.

If I'm your girl, write me!

You can write to me at:

Nicole Crawley 273920
P.O. Box 337
Pewee Valley, KY 40056