Paper Dolls Presents: Michelle Whitman

Michelle Whitman

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:3 grown

Hi, I'm a lonely, hopeless romantic, wild child seeking new relationships to add a spark to my otherwise boring life.

I like men or women blasted with ink with a few entitlement issues to match my own. I love someone with confidence.

I'm into the unusual - people, entertainment, and pets. I'm the proud mother of 2 ferrets and a 3 ft. iguana. I like to zip line, bungie jump, and one day hang gliding. I just want to fly!

I am not a woman with a lot of drama. I'm allergic to it. I don't whine. I prefer not to argue because life is too short to focus on the negative. I don't hold grudges and I'm very forgiving to a fault. (LOL)

I'm a yoga instructor and a hair stylist. My sobriety is my focal point.

If you like what you read, you can write me (only white paper and envelopes) or text me at 806-307-0476, but leave your name and number. My friends call me "Raven Michelle". Bye!

You can write to me at:

Michelle Whitman 55624177
FMC Carswell
P.O. Box 27137
Ft. Worth, TX 76127