Paper Dolls Presents: Meagan McVay


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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Never Married
Projected Outdate:5-22

Looking for new friends and I am open to romance as well. I enjoy writing and I'll never let you get bored. I'm not tied down and I don't have much family. So I can give you a lot of attention and 100% of my time. I'm a high school graduate with some college. I want to earn a paralegal certificate or a degree in social work. Prior to my incarceration, I was a recovery coach. I love to help people and I have a strong interest in justice reform. I want to build my network and meet people who will encourage me to reach my goal of starting my own business and nonprofit. I will make you laugh and smile at the silly stuff I say. I've been told I'm a shining light. I love to laugh and discuss different topics. I've also been told I'm a great conversationalist. Something I struggle with is perfectionism. I want to meet people who are genuine and honest. Someone who is confident and goofy. Someone who would enjoy talking to me for hours and never get bored. I like a man that works with his hands and has a sharp mind as well. I'm not picky though. I just want someone who will keep it real with me, and I will keep it real with you! I hope I've sparked your interest and I promise to write back when you write me. I'll be looking for you at mail call.

You can write to me at:

Meagan McVay #754140
2501 State Farm Road
Tucker, AR 72168

Until 10-30-20