Paper Dolls Presents: MaryAnn Jalomos

MaryAnn Jalomos

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:2
Race:Irish, Indian

I am a single Sagittarius looking for companionship with someone who is as loyal, honest, caring, and fun loving as I am. I am a nature nut and I love animals. I enjoy communing with the earth, nature walks, sightseeing, feeling the breeze brush my face, taking in the peace of it all. Smiley Face

I spend a lot of time reading. My favorite authors are from a wide range of subjects, from sci-fi, fantasy, folklore, legend, fiction and non-fiction, to philosophy. I love to cook, listen to music, meditate, relax, and spend time with my loved ones.

I'm a firm believer in fate and karma, so I try to do good at all times. Smiley Face  As I am Wiccan, I have a rule to live by: "Do as you will and harm none." I do not form a basis of judgement on anyone for their beliefs, thoughts, etc. I accept all as I would like to be, and treat others as I would like to be treated.

I'm looking for a connection with someone who makes decisions based on reality, but who also keeps their dreams and hopes alive, who doesn't mind an open conversation with an intellectual equal. Someone who likes to have fun, yet knows when to be serious.

I'm open to all who wish to get to know the person within. Ask what you will, I shall answer honestly. Though my picture is an old one, not much has changed except my hair is natural now and I'm here.

Take a chance, write me. Who knows what may come. It may be the friendship of a lifetime. Many bright blessings to you.

You can write to me at:

MaryAnn Jalomos874959 Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin, TX 76661