Paper Dolls Presents: Lori Brown

Lori Brown

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Long dirty blonde
Eyes:Crystal blue
Projected Outdate:4-18

Hey, you! I have been in this uncomfortable situation since 2013. I am getting out soon. So I am extremely interested in making a devoted and true connection with someone. I am searching for someone that is loyal, stabvle, and successful!! I need someone that is able and willing to protect, provide, and secure me and possibly our future together!!

I am fun, outgoing, humorous, honest, energetic, open minded, and non-judgmental. Also I love to take risks and explore new things.

Well, if you are that someone I am searching for and you are moved by what you have just read.... What are you waiting on? I am just a stamp away!!!!!

You can write to me at:

Lori Brown 155628
6044 Greensboro Highway
Quincy, FL 32351