Paper Dolls Presents: Leesha Davis

Leesha Davis

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Dark brown
Marital Status:Single
# of children:5 grown
Projected Outdate:8-29-23

No matter how terrible a person's starting point in life may be, it's how it ends up and where they find themselves living their "happily ever afters" that truly matter. My yesterdays are tucked away in memories, today becomes "a day to remember" and now I am searching for someone who wants to be just as curious about the future as I am! I'd love to try so many things that most people won't even talk about! I love to learn because knowledge is life! I love a man who can teach me! A confident man, strong man with a strong sense of beliefs. A man who is protective over his woman - yet understands that I am hard-headed and won't back down from anyone. I've calmed down a lot, but I've still raised myself on the streets and I've survived since I was 15. I've been broken down emotionally, but never physically. I'm not conceited, I just care about my appearance. I have tattoos and piercings - love rock and metal and some country music.

I have a great sense of humor and I love to smile and laugh! Love to act silly and play around. Don't piss me off! I am 100% Scorpio! In every possible way!

I'm white, 5'5", 127-130 pounds, short dark hair, greenish gray eyes. I'm a widow, and NO, I didn't kill him or have him killed.

I have 5 grown kids, been on their own and they can stay on their own. I love them more than life.

I love the outdoors - love all animals and creatures, except spiders and clowns. Love bonfires, beach parties, etc.

Any questions or wanna talk about anything, just write me! It takes a lot to make me shy!

Make sure to send a pic, if you're serious!

Smile for me!

You can write to me at:

Leesha Davis 3481910
11264 Ohio River Road
Lakin C.C.
West Columbia, WV 25287

Until 6-9-21