Paper Dolls Presents: Lacresha Pace

Lacresha Pace

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Vital Statistics
Eyes:Hazel brown
Marital Status:Single
# of children:2
Projected Outdate:11-26-21
Race:Native/African American

My name is LaCresha, but people call me Lu. I'm a very optimistic, outgoing Sagittarius who has no time for being bored! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy using laughter to lift others' spirits. I hold my family close to me... and still make time for myself.

I'm looking for someone to take my hand and guide me to and through new experiences and adventures in life! I have a vast variety of interests, and I'm sure finding something in common won't be hard. Write my info down. Get in touch... you never know what's in store. Smiley Face  Heart

You can write to me at:

Lacresha Pace 6240388
420 Mill St. Southwest
Mitchellville, IA 50169