Paper Dolls Presents: Kim Sullo


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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:2 adult kids
Projected Outdate:11-11-23

Waiting to exhale and enjoy life!

I have held my breath long enough. I was so ready to just give up. Then I said, "Okay Kim, there has to be that 1 person who can touch your heart, soul and mind with just a look... so give it one more leap of faith". So here is my one more shot, my leap of faith, my huge inhale and exhale, so soar my dear, breathe, breathe!

I tend to be a bit shy when you first meet me, but all you need to do is open your heart and whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and I will open up to you like a flower.

I love cuddling, my head resting on your shoulder or lap, watching a great love story together. I am a run-around-barefoot and t-shirt kind of woman. I love joking around and playing games with that one special person. I need those inside jokes that only a look and we both just know. I love being outside with earth beneath my feet, sun on my cheeks, water on my feet, sitting in the sand and a kind, loving soul next to me.

Sightseeing, people watcher, movie buff. I love painting, drawing and the arts. I do have interest in one other thing, but usually don't tell anyone right off... psst - dumpster diver.

I love to write letters and draw little doodles all over the pages and on your heart. If you think you are the one I can take that exhale breath with, and tell my wildest dreams to, oh, and tell you what that one interest is ... psst - dumpster diving, please find me - I need to come up for air. Heart

You can write to me at:

Kim Sullo R74266
Florida Women's Reception Center
3700 N.W. 111th Place
Ocala, FL 34482