Paper Dolls Presents: Kayla Reynolds

Kayla Reynolds

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:5
Projected Outdate:12-19
Race:Native American

My name is Kayla but people call me La-La for short because I'm classy, like Oo-la-la. I like to have fun, laugh, and crack jokes. While incarcerated, I work out and enjoy fitness activities. At home I enjoy dancing, walking under the stars, 4-wheeling, and anything outdoors. I'm very outgoing and an adrenaline junkie. I have 5 kids with no stretch marks. My astrological sign is a Leo and defines my qualities as a person. I am very creative, open minded, easy going with a lot of morals and standards. I'm very honest and loyal with people that are close to me and expect to be treated the same. I'm a very straight up person who doesn't like to be lied to. I respect the ugly truth compared to a pretty lie. I'm seeking someone who can take the good times with the bad times. Obviously I'm in prison so I need financial help but am also looking for a long term relationship. Please contact me if you're interested as I'm hoping to meet the right match.

You can write to me at:

Kayla Reynolds 6453503
420 Mill St. Southwest
Mitchellville, IA 50169