Paper Dolls Presents: Kathy Manivong

Kathy Manivong

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Vital Statistics
Eyes:Dark brown
Projected Outdate:10-3-18
Race:Thai, Laotian, Khmer

Hello, world, aliens, whoever is reading. LOL My name is Kathy. They say it doesn't match me but I think that's what makes me so eccentric. I am Asian-American, raised all over the U.S. I have a thick country accent, Boston swag, and California vibe. Looking for someone fun or I can be yours. A pleasing conversation is a big turn on for me. Come stimulate my mind and write me.

You can write to me at:

Kathy Manivong 156824
LCI - Annex
11120 NW Gainesville Road
Ocala, FL 34482-1479