Paper Dolls Presents: Kathleen Bryngelson

Kathleen Bryngelson

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Dark blonde, dyed dark brown
Marital Status:Never Married
Projected Outdate:5-9-21

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am known by the nickname "KitKat". That is what I prefer to be called. I am entertaining, a blast to be around, and I am worth getting to know. I am extremely closed up at first. I don't just let anyone in my life. I put myself on this site (and this site only) because it's Christian-based. I have recently given myself and my future to my higher power. I am seeking out a healthier foundation to restart my life, with only positive, uplifting people who support my new direction. I am a very needy person, but not for earthy things like clothes and stupid makeup. I am needy for a person's attention and their time. Unfortunately, communication in a prison setting does cost money. I do, however, work really hard almost every day, but since I only make 35 cents an hour, my budget is pretty tight these days. So to stay connected with me, you will have to fund the communication part, such as phone calls, emails, videograms, letters, envelopes, and pictures. I am outgoing and independent. Sometimes I tend to expect more from other person than they can give because I give my all (100%) no matter what mood I am in or what kind of situation is occurring. I can't fake who I am and I won't try to. All I am asking for is the same in return. I am honest to a tee always. I can be a little too straight forward and hard to handle at times. I am faithful and loyal to a fault. I am working on knowing when it's better to walk away than to stay and suffer the hurt caused by betrayal. Once you get to know me, I'll start to trust you. I'll allow my walls down. My life then becomes an open book, with endless chapters for you to discover. I am hoping to develop some lifelong friendships and maybe even meet my soulmate, or possible true love. If you're interested in getting to know more about me and on a more personal level, feel free to write me snail mail at the address below, or if you want to connect with me right away add me on JPay.

You can write to me at:

Kathleen Bryngelson
#81560 ND F-13
P.O. Box 8509
Boise, ID 83707

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