Paper Dolls Presents: Kali Beck

Kali Beck

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:0
Projected Outdate:5-20

I'm a 28 year old Aries. I have a quick mouth and like to laugh. I'm feisty and I am constantly on fire, hence my zodiac sign! I am doing time for a felony DUI and felony joyriding. I have been living in the Bay Area since 2014, and look forward to going back Cali when I get out on parole. I'm an aspiring electrician and love all animals. I can't wait to get a dog of my own. Send me photos of you and your pet and let me make you laugh. :)

You can write to me at the facility or email me at

You can write to me at:

Kali Beck 107874
P.O. Box 8509
Boise, ID 83707