Paper Dolls Presents: Jessica Nicole Fisher

Jessica Nicole Fisher

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Vital Statistics
# of children:2
Projected Outdate:6-21
We received the following correspondence via email:

Jessica Nicole Fisher 1001955455 is emailing SEVERAL MEN, pretending to be single when she is married.
I got an email from ONE of the other girls at Hartwell prison the where she resides telling me so and giving me her husband's phone number. It seems she is getting monthly packages from at least FIVE DIFFERENT MEN - telling each man she it theirs alone.
I TALKED with some of her ex-girlfriends there and they are pretty much all saying it's true.

We recommend caution if you choose to write to Jessica. If you have any questions, contact the administration at the institution where Jessica resides.

Hey hey now! I am Jessica and I'm looking for a friend/someone to talk to. I love to smile and laugh and I have a passion for animals. I am a high school graduate with college credit but I still know how to let my hair down. LOL I am a good person in a bad situation but I'm making a change for the best. You can write me a letter or find me on JPay!

You can write to me at:

Jessica Nicole Fisher 1001955455
Whitworth Women's Facility
414 Valley Hart Road
Hartwell, GA 30643