Paper Dolls Presents: Jessica Fain

Jessica Fain

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Never Married
Projected Outdate:1-4-21

I'd love to know you and see what your interests are. It's a lonely and savage world in here. So I really would enjoy establishing a friendship or planning a future with someone. I'm optimistic when it comes to trying new things, whether it's food, places, games, etc. I love music, traveling, nature, games, writing, etc. I'm hopeful there's someone out there who can help fill my loneliness. Maybe it's you?

My hobbies include videogames, photography, exercise, spiritual meditation, and attaining wisdom. I'm naturally outgoing, but can become introverted, so plain conversation is fulfilling. I would enjoy someone who is not only generous with their time, but who could be there for me financially.

I'm building my career in modeling and cyber-network security.

So what are you waiting for?

You can write to me at:

Jessica Fain J59463
11120 NW Gainesville Road
Ocala, FL 34482-1479