Paper Dolls Presents: Holly Sorrells

Holly Sorrells

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:0

I'm very outgoing. I love all types of activities. My hobbies are gardening, skating, swimming, drawing. I love cooking. I love tennis, track and field (running). My family is Baptist. I just love God. I love romance movies. I love to read romance books. I like to watch figure ice skating. I like Mexican food. I like to help abused or abandoned animals. I like children. I like to be loved. I love all music. I like all people. I'm a loveable people person. I love to dance. I dislike hatred and oysters!

I'm interested in finding a friend and penpal. I am down with anything as long as it is not illegal or bad. I am lonely. I am a very outgoing girl. I'm very hyper, especially on chocolate. I love chocolate. I want to find someone to love and I love to be loved.

My interest in a penpal is excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, also open minded, easy going, dependable, friendly, energetic, caring, loyal, supportive and loves to write. I love to write as I'm lonely. I'm looking for someone. Can't wait!

You can write to me at:

Holly Sorrells
#1238493 E8-A
P.O. Box 839
Pulaski State Prison
Hawkinsville, GA 31036-0839