Paper Dolls Presents: Hannah Green

Hannah Green

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
Projected Outdate:2021

Hey y'all! I'm Hannah, a hippy, outdoor, love-our-environment woman from Iowa. I'm a very unique, intriguing, intelligent, optimist. I think of myself as a beautiful, kind of challenging puzzle. Very colorful, bright. Many different pieces are put together to make me…ME. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I want to take this chance, maybe I'll meet someone who will be my forever or I'd really just be stoked to make new friends. So, if you love the outdoors, art of all kinds, traveling, gardening, our earth, moon, sun and stars, (by the way, the moon you see very night, it's my moon!)..but if you love life, and like taking some risks, maybe you can write me, omail me. Until then…"Life is a garden - dig it!"

You can write to me at:

Hannah Green #6015799
420 Mill St. Southwest
Mitchellville, IA 50169