Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls provides electronic messaging services for women listed on the website. The service provides unlimited emails for free for visitors to the site, but costs $5 per month or $50 per year for each inmate (price and limit subject to change. Terms in effect at the time the service is purchased will remain in effect for that inmate for the duration of the subscription term.). Anyone subscribing to this service will have an Email Me for Free button at the bottom of her page.

If you wish to sponsor someone for this email service you may do so by sending cash, or a check or money order made out to Lee Vine, or you may purchase this service through Paypal for You MUST add an additional $1 (one dollar) to your payment due to the service fee Paypal charges us. You must indicate which woman you wish to purchase a subscription for and include her address to make sure it is applied to the correct one. We will activate or extend the email service as soon as we receive payment for it.

Letters will be printed out and sent to the women subscribing to the service at least once a week. Letters will be text only, no photos or other attachments. Once they are mailed, letters will be deleted from our server after 30 days. You must provide your name and mailing address for someone to write back to you. Your name, address, or other contact information will NOT be provided to any other organization for the purpose of soliciting you. No abusive material will be sent to any woman listed on the Paper Dolls website and may be turned over to law enforcement personnel.

There will be no refunds for accounts where the mail was returned to us by the institution for any reason.