Paper Dolls Presents: Esther Gordon

Esther Gordon

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Reddish brown
Eyes:Light brown
Marital Status:Single
Projected Outdate:11-12-19

My name is Esther Victoria Gordon. I'm 55. I've been locked up since 1995, never been with a male. I have a short time left on my sentence. I'm gay but would like a friend who's working, doesn't drink every day. I'm seeking a friend who's Caucasian, age 50-70, women the same age. The individual must believe in God, saved, who lives close. I'm requesting you come up with one JPay so I can email you or talk on the phone, My mother, father, and grandmother have passed through the years of my incarceration. I like to play basketball and I read most of the time. I love all sports except golf. I'm looking forward to coming home in 2019. Also, I'm looking forward to a sponsor in AA. I want NO criminal around me. I want what's best in my life. I'm a black female who's been through Stage 3 breast cancer and I'm currently in remission. I lost my hair but it's growing back. And I don't need pity for that. I work out and eat veg only. I would like to have a friend so see at home after these years.

You can write to me at:

Esther Gordon
1159361 Building 1 1-C 112
Fluvanna Corr. Ctr. for Women
P.O. Box 1000
Troy, VA 22974