Paper Dolls Presents: Dorothy Hanrahan

Dorothy Hanrahan

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Vital Statistics
Eyes:Dark brown
Marital Status:Divorced
# of children:6

Hello, you have a 47-year-old Mexican Libra born October 7, 1972. My name is Dorothy Hanrahan, a cute mother of 6. Please don't let this run you off. They are grown except for two. Am full of fun, laughter but romance is a deeper part of me and includes compassion, adventure, plus being spontaneous. When it comes to things I like to do, the list is much but will mention a few. Long car rides into the country or another town or state. An avid camper with cooking out, hike through the wooded areas, dirt biking, mud running, 4 wheelers. Cooking is my favorite home thing besides taking care of my loved ones. For laughter, well, fairs are the best but a movie at home is awesome. As for me, I'm 4 feet 10 inches, but don't let that fool you. I'm nicely tanned, and always with a pretty smile. I'm educated with many skills. Would like someone with common things to mine for friendship. So take a chance and let's see where we go. Remember laughter is the best medicine for a long life.

You MUST put your name and address in the letter you write to me or I won't be able to write back to you.

You can write to me at:

Dorothy Hanrahan 594921
3201 Bemis Rd.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197