Paper Dolls Presents: Debra Decker

Debra Decker

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Widow
# of children:0

Hey there guys! I'm a pretty and lonely red-headed country girl just waiting to make your acquaintance. I fully expect to be released soon, after a 20-year sentence. Have grown into a lovely 50-year-old. I'm hoping to meet a special someone to build a relationship to become your sweet southern belle.

Billiard and dart tournaments are such fun. I especially enjoy swimming in rivers and lakes and springs. Love going fishing. A slow country song is playing softly in the moonlight as a breeze tickles red ringlets and plays peek-a-boo with my little yellow sundress. Take my hand as we move closer to the firelight, enjoying the scents of grilled foods and river's life. You palm my waist with a large tanned hand and gently pull me towards you. I lay my head on your chest as we sway to this pretty song. I dress and talk and act like a lady. I'm sentimental and shy. Yet when I love, I open my whole self and offer my all. Looking for a lifelong friend and partner. Care to give it a whirl? If so, I always respond.

You can write to me at:

Debra Decker U00381-G
Florida Women's Reception Center
3700 N.W. 111th Place
Ocala, FL 34482

Until 10-17-22