Paper Dolls Presents: Crystal Lundberg

Crystal Lundberg

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Brown, blonde highlights
Marital Status:Widow
Projected Outdate:8-24

Let's escape to Crystal's world. I'm looking for someone to share me with. All my love, fun, experiences, ups and downs. I'm such an amazing woman. I'm looking forward in exploring my options. Building relations along the way. I'm extremely positive and love to educate myself. Growth and development is a lifelong journey. Who wants to walk along beside me through this thing called life?

I've been indicted for wire fraud. I'm serving 54 months. I took the government to trial. I was facing 25 years while out on bond for 3-1/2 years. I lost my husband to gun violence, to hatred, and my family slowly started falling apart. I've endured plenty of losses. Today, as I sit in my bed at Pekin camp, I've made a decision to only allow positive vibe and surround myself with those who can invest in my growth, who will support me and will me to become great. The best Crystal I can be. No more losses, no more tears, only happiness, laughter, and growth.

So, again I ask you, are you ready to escape to Crystal's world?

You can write to me at:

Crystal Lundberg 52563424
P.O. Box 6000
Federal Prison Camp
Greenville, IL 62246

Until 12-24-21