Paper Dolls Presents: Colette Funfrock

Colette Funfrock

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Vital Statistics
Birth date:???
Marital Status:Divorced
Projected Outdate:11-16-21

Dear friend - or at least I'm hoping for a new friend. I hear nothing but good things. I'm a divorced widow, if that makes sense. Born and raised in north Jersey. Yup, a Yankee! I'm in my 50s, but on any given day I feel like I'm still in my 20s. I've lived in Florida now about 25 years and love almost everything except the laws. I'm on the west coast and totally dig everything about the beaches. This is my first and last prison bid by any means necessary. I have a great sense of humor and sense of all adventure! I love most music but probably would always claim to be a 'rocker'. I love boats and motorcycles and probably live a bit too fast and loose. Looking forward to hearing from you.

You can write to me at:

Colette Funfrock D81855
CCA Gadsden CI
6044 Greensboro Highway
Quincy, FL 32351