Paper Dolls Presents: Chloe Harris


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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
Projected Outdate:3-17-21

My name is Chloe. I'm 33. I'm from Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. I am looking for someone to help me get through this time. Things I like to do: Crafts, crochet, drive, cuddle and watch movies, laying under the moon and stars, cooking, camping, caving. Some of my strengths: I am positive and cheerful. I have a love of learning. I am spiritual. I'm open minded, adventurous. I am a leader. I'm smart, funny, kind, loving, honest. Faults: Stubborn, aggressive, loud, blunt. What I like in a man: Stability, gentleman qualities, kind, provider, open minded, cheerful giver, enjoys making me happy.

You can write to me at:

Chloe Harris #565877
1045 Horsehead Road
Pikeville, TN 37367