Paper Dolls Presents: Cherylethia Holmes

Cherylethia Holmes

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Vital Statistics
Marital Status:Single
# of children:1

Hello. My name is Cherylethia but my family and friends call me Bunny. I've been currently incarcerated for a few years and have since lost contact with the outside world. I am looking for new friends to add some light to my days.

I spend my time focusing on my future by taking educational classes to ensure that I am making good of my time.

I spend my leisure time exercising and playing sports such as softball and volleyball. I hope this profile will bring some positive people to my life for correspondence and friendship. I am looking forward to your letters.

You can write to me at:

Cherylethia Holmes
46957-1 B-11A
11264 Ohio River Road
Lakin C.C.
West Columbia, WV 25287