Paper Dolls Presents: Cherie Miller

Cherie Miller

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Vital Statistics
Hair:Light brown
# of children:1
Projected Outdate:2019

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my profile.

I am 39 years old, pretty girl, born and raised in southern California. I am fun loving with a free spirit. The salt water runs through my veins. I love the ocean and everything about it.

I have done the last several years in prison. I've done some much-needed soul searching and found who I am today.

I am gong to be released in 2019 and will be making Georgia my home. Smiley Face

I am hoping to find someone who enjoys some of the same things I do. And hopefully make a few things of our own. Heart

I miss long drives under stars, sunsets, and the simple things, like staying home with friends watching Netflix, cooking out, and making each other laugh.

I am a true romantic at heart. I have wasted way too many meaningless years in the past. I am so thankful that part of my life is over and will soon all be behind me.

I am very excited to hear back from you. The quickest way to reach me is through You can email me or postal is also appreciated.

You can write to me at:

Cherie Miller
1001192826 H-9-13
Whitworth Women's Facility
P.O. Box 769
Hartwell, GA 30643