Paper Dolls Online Application

We have had several requests for an online application, so we are testing this to see how it works and if it's practical for us to continue to make available. It may be modified or withdrawn at any time. Make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow instructions.

Terms and Conditions:

Prices (all prices are in U.S. dollars)
Basic page, includes up to 3 photos $10
Additional photos - each $1
Mail copy of page to inmate $1
PayPal fee ($1 to $25) $1
PayPal fee ($25.01 to $50) $2
PayPal fee ($50.01 to $75) $3
PayPal fee ($75.01 to $100) $4
Electronic messaging/email - per month $5
Electronic messaging/email - per year $50
Daily Dozen - per 2 months $5
Daily Dozen - per year $25

Your Name (required):
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Method of Payment (required):
Inmate Name (required):
Inmate ID number (required):
Inmate Mailing address (required):
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Zip code (required):
Birthday (month, day, year) (required):
Hair color:
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Marital status:
Number of children:
Outdate (month and year required):
Race/ethnic background:
Personal info/bio: