Paper Dolls
by Age - 51-55

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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I'm a country girl from Iowa, love hunting, fishing, and camping, and, of course, the country music goes with it. Have been known to be a little spitfire but I think it's all in good taste. I wish I could say I was full of energy, but I've gotten lazy in my older years. 
I am an outgoing person that has a lot of love to give. I have red-toned hair. I am basically looking for someone that I can share my deepest thoughts and long-buried emotion with, like a best friend.

My name is Dorothy Prawdzik. I am a 55 year old mother with 7 kids and 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons. My children are all grown. I am a Christian looking for a penpal, someone that I can relate to. I walk with the Lord. 
Hello, my name is Shayne and I am looking for some new friends. I have been incarcerated a long time and advancing technology is beginning to make me feel like I need help keeping up with the outside world.

I'm a very outgoing person. I like to go camping, love to cook and always enjoy sitting by the fire. I am into classic rock music and have done a lot of traveling. I also ride a Harley Davidson and enjoy the open road. I'm really free-spirited. 
I'm a kind, caring, honest, loving, and gentle woman who likes music, camping, canoeing, sunsets, crocheting, and reading.

I'm very compassionate and kind. I love music and movies. I like to work out, jog, and do yoga. I attend church often. I'm very talented. I'm funny.  
Hey, what's up? My name is Millie, but my friends call me Renee or Beautiful! I'm 55 years old, active and energetic.

Hi, my name is Francine Sass. I'm a 53 year old mother of four. I'm an energetic, self-sufficient entrepreneur. I'm a lover of life and all it has to offer - good, bad, and indifferent. I'm the type that makes the best out of everything. 
Hello. I'm a 52-year old black single female (lady) looking for interesting people to correspond with. I'm very open minded, genuine, and all natural.

Hi, my name is Mary. I'm looking for a friend to correspond with, someone that's lonely like me. I'm very energetic, love to cook, listen to music while I clean. I love to dance, watch NASCAR racing, football, basketball. 
Hello, I'm Cheryl. I'm 54 years old. I love singing, reading, cooking, going to the movies, to the park, and to church. I love being around children. I love riding out to the airport at night watching the planes take off and come in.

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany. I have two beautiful children - a son and a daughter. My interests include continuing my education on a college level. I am a Christian. My hobbies include making people smile, being with my friends and writing letters. 
Hello, there. Beautiful and adventurous woman looking for some TLC. Looking as well for a friend, maybe more, someone to be my companion. I'm open minded and honest, very caring and compassionate. I like to help people as well.

I'm incarcerated for a crime I did not commit and I'm working on my appeal. My family has been devastated by this, not just emotionally but also financially. I've lost everything: my good name, my freedom, my home, and my savings. 
Hello, my name is Julie Padilla. I'm a young, single Latina from Santa Barbara. I am 5'5", 140 lbs., brown eyes with shoulder length hair.

Divorced for a long time, I am a mature, giving, honest (sometimes brutally honest...) realistic woman who also happens to be serving time at a Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia. 
Wanting someone to start a friendship with or more. I'm a single country girl from Virginia (I'm the farmer's daughter Smiley Face ). I'm honest, caring, sincere, understanding, open minded, with a great sense of humor.

I love to make others laugh and am looking for someone to laugh with. I would like a long term penpal. I have many interests and would love to share them with someone special. Feel free to share anything with me. I am very open minded and love to learn new things. 
I am an easygoing person with a lively sense of humor. I enjoy listening to music, sports, traveling, cleaning house, caring for others in need, and cooking out in my free time. I enjoy reading books. I don't like to be around negative people.

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