Paper Dolls
by Age - 41-45

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Paper Dolls in Prison
Page 17
I am a sweet, humorous, often twisted, but always sincere gal who wants to meet new people for inspiration or just a few laughs. Lasting friendship or more would be great! I love ice cream, music, animals, and long walks. 
Greetings. My name is Anita Williams. I'm a 42 year old African-American. I have been incarcerated a long time.

Hi, my name is Christy, I'm 42 and obviously made some bad choices that landed me in prison. I've been down a long time and I'm ready to go but until then I'm interested in meeting new people and seeing what develops. 
I am in federal prison for a drug trafficking charge. I utilize my time focused on education, fitness, and self-betterment. I am a great barber/cosmetologist for the institution and hold a telemarketing/sales agent position for Unicor.

I am a 44 year old fun loving, super laid back female. I love reading and watching reality TV. I believe in honesty and integrity and I am looking for the same. I am hoping to find a good friend, possibly something more. 
Hi, my name is Keisha Carter. I am an African-American female. I'm very strong, thankful, dependable, spiritual, and loving. I've been incarcerated a long time, looking forward to a promising future with someone special.

As you can imagine, I'm a girl with a little extra time on her hands. I'm just adventurous enough to take a chance on meeting my match. Are you out there? I'm an open minded, energetic woman. 

Ready for life

Hello, my name is Jessica Lynn. I've spent so much time looking for love in the wrong places, which leads me to where I am. But I am a good girl in need of a good friend that could lead to more. I love picnics, strolls in the park. I love keeping house. 

Lovin' Leo!

I'm looking for someone to share stories with. I love to meet new people and find common interests. I love hearing about the world from other people's perspectives. My hobbies are my dogs (I train dogs for the Nashville Humane Association), horseback riding, water sports. 
Born in Fort Worth, Texas, raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I love the snow. I have a great sense of humor, a personality out of this world. I'm a down to earth kinda lady. I am very outgoing and love to dance, watch movies, cuddle, play pool, jet ski.

I'm an at-home kind of girl. BBQs, camping, the outdoors I love. Family is what I enjoy. I enjoy spending my time with a woman that has the same interests and goals in life. I'm seeking someone for a long term friendship with possibilities of a relationship. 
Hi, my name is Shelly, but everybody calls me "P." I will get more into that down the line. My likes are dancing, camping, cooking, and taking long drives to wherever. I can never find myself to be quiet, always with a smile. As you can see, I have natural long red hair.

Am hoping to find someone to share some laughs or what one is feeling inside. I have a great heart that is very lovable and caring. I see myself as very open minded, great sense of humor, and I enjoy reading books and learning new things, also all types of music. 
Hi! My name is Jodi Vencill and I am currently incarcerated in Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women; I am starting on my 6th year but hope to go home soon. I am currently single but I'd really like to have a good friend to talk to, everyone could use a good friend.

Have you ever heard the old adage, "What you see is what you get"? If you have, you will quickly gather much about me. Even though I am quite girl-y, my love of sports is very strong and I am not averse to getting my hands dirty. In my down time, I enjoy books and music greatly. 
I love to write, listen to music, meeting different people and learning more about them. I am looking for someone to write and get to know. Who knows, I could change your life.

I am a Puerto Rican with light brown eyes and curly black hair. I am a person who likes to laugh a lot and have fun. Life is what we make of it. 
Dear Reader,

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