Paper Dolls
by Age - 41-45

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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In need of intelligent conversation. I guess I'm sort of a nerd when it comes to things that interest me. I love history, anything from the beginning of recorded time to what got us here today. 
Hello, my name is Jennifer Minor, but my friends call me Jenn. I am from the Ozark Mountains and love everything about it. Being at the lake is my favorite pastime, and when I bass fish, I am fierce! Even if I don't catch anything…wink! I enjoy playing the piano.

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Perfectly Imperfect

SWF, looking for "genuine" friendship with potential for "endless possibilities".

I'm looking for someone who loves to laugh and have fun, loves animals, maybe not snakes/ spiders. Smiley Face  I love to bake and listen to a lot of music. 80s and 90s are my favorite. I do love R&B, some rap (old school).

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My name is Maranda Flores. I have brownish red hair with a few gray highlights and dark brown eyes. I am 42 years old. I am an ex-smoker.

My name is Terri. I'm a true Leo. I'm smart, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. I enjoy being outdoors. However, I don't mind a nice evening indoors. My passion in life is riding my horses. I love to barrel race and rodeo.

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GO HAWKS! I love the outdoors, fishing, mountain biking and motorcycles, horses. I like all types of music, I listen to heavy metal when I work out. I'm 43 year old with a grown child, so upon release I can live life for me.

Hi, I'm Felischa. Let's make this short and sweet. Looking for that special someone to keep me company, or maybe even start a relationship with. You can contact me on JPay or write me at the address below. 
I'm Nikki Nicole Roque. I love walks on the beach, BBQs, cooking, music, dancing, quading, fast muscle cars, etc. I'm a queen! "I know my worth!" I'm a thick BWW and loving it! I want a real friendship. No head games. Too old for that. I'm a cool woman who likes to have fun.

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Read this!

Hey y'all, it's January here! Yeah, you got it right, it's a unique name, and I sure live up to it. Let me explain. I am 41 with hazel eyes that change with my mood and I have long natural red hair. You know what that means? Yeah, the drapes match the carpet.

I'm loyal, spontaneous, open-minded and love to laugh. Seeking male companionship. Would love to find a friend with whom to ride out the rest of this time. Perhaps take things to the next level upon my release. 
A few things to describe me which are not seen is that I am an avid reader, a lover of various types of music, a great swimmer, so I love all water sports. I have a great relish for volleyball, basketball, and my favorite is football. I also enjoy bowling and shooting pool.

Hey, I'm Rebecca, but my friends call me Becky. Smiley Face  If you stopped here then you came to the right place! If you're looking for a fun loving country girl at heart who's a huge football fan then I'm your girl. 
Hey there everyone! Are you tired of that normal girl next door type who is dull and boring, never wanting to try anything new? Are you looking for that risqué, fun, outgoing, open minded, adventurous woman who loves new adventures and leans toward the taboo side of things?

My name is Letitia. I go by Tish for short. I'm hoping to meet some good people to communicate with and to have good conversations with. I'm a loyal Leo. I enjoy laughing, talking, writing, and always interested in learning new things. I'm teachable. 
Hi, I'm Tina Hatterer and I'm looking for companionship that will bring a little light into this dark journey that I'm currently traveling alone.

Single and saved. Very passionate. I love reading, spending time alone in my Bible. Love cooking and doing hair for a living. I'm a very humble person who doesn't mind sharing my dreams and vision in life; also my goals. 
Are you looking for the classy girl next door with an accent? Well, look no further. Here I am. I am adventurous, fun, giving, open minded, and I love to laugh.

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